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2014 Missouri Tigers football preview: Central Florida

Darren Hellwege is previewing each of Missouri’s football opponents for the 2014 season. The previews are being published Aug. 1 – 13 and will appear in the order of play.

Missouri v. Central Florida
Date and time:
Sept. 13, 11 a.m.
Record: UCF was 12-1 in 2013; Missouri beat UCF 21-16 in 2012 in Orlando

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Darren Hellwege, Sports Commentator

If you haven’t been following football closely, let me give you a hint—Central Florida may not be a major name school, but this is a major football program. It has put a lot of guys into the NFL, has recruited impressively in recent years, and are coached extremely well by George O’Leary.

This team soundly beat a very good Baylor team in the Fiesta Bowl, and while there will be focus on the big names it lost, the Knights return a great deal and will be a substantial challenge for anyone unfortunate enough to have them pop up on their schedule. Here’s a look at the team.

Blake Bortles was obviously a great one and being drafted No. 3 in the first round by Jacksonville (yes, ahead of Read more of this post