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Deeken shines for Missouri volleyball team

By: Joyce Peng, KBIA Sports

Coach Wayne Kreklow says freshman Sydney Deeken (14) plays big at the net.

Coach Wayne Kreklow says freshman Sydney Deeken (14) plays big at the net.

Coming off of a stomach injury, freshman outside hitter Sydney Deeken performed strong in her first few starts and adds another offensive tool for the Tigers. KBIA Sports’s Joyce Peng reports on Deeken’s improvements so far in college and some qualities and skills she brings to the team.

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Missouri loses in a tight first home match to Lipscomb

By Joyce Peng, KBIA Sport

Missouri faced a challenging Lipscomb team in its season home opener Friday afternoon at the Hearnes Center.

The Tigers lost their first match in the Tiger Invitational to the Lipscomb Bisons, 3-1 (21-25, 25-20, 20-25, 23-25). They are 2-2 overall this season.

After a strong performance in the second set to tie the match, the Tigers did not come out ready to go in the third set, Read more of this post

Missouri volleyball learning how to bounce back from loss

By Joyce Peng, KBIA Sports

For the Southeastern Conference volleyball champions, this season is all about experimenting and taking on new challenges.

The Missouri volleyball team, which shocked many last year with its 35-1 record, still needs to establish an identity going into this season, coach Wayne Kreklow said at Wednesday’s media day session.

The Tigers lost two major pieces to the rotation — outside hitter Lisa Henning and setter Molly Kreklow. Henning, who Read more of this post

Saturday Sports special: Wayne Kreklow on Mizzou volleyball

Darren Hellwege logoLast year the Missouri volleyball team captured the university’s first SEC championship, finishing 18-0 in the conference, 35-1 overall, with the team’s one loss coming in the second round of the NCAA tournament. KBIA’s Darren Hellwege talks with coach Wayne Kreklow about the upcoming season. The team is young at many key positions this year and will be looking for strong contributions from two freshmen to replace four-year starters Lisa Henning  Molly Kreklow. Wayne Kreklow anticipates using more players in more different positions than he’s done in previous years. The Tigers host the annual Black and Gold Game Wednesday evening at 6:30 at the Hearnes Center. The season starts Aug. 29 at the North Texas Tournament with the first home games coming in the Tiger Invitational, Sept. 5 and 6 at Hearnes.

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Part 2: Year in review

The ups, downs, achievements and misfires in Mizzou’s teams

darren hellwege logo

Darren Hellwege, Sports Commentator

Today I take a look at the fall sports teams. Check out yesterday’s column for a look at the spring sports.


There’s too much talent on this club to be 8-9-3, but once again the team struggled late in the year after showing real potential.

An early season match that nearly pulled off an upset at powerhouse Portland and two wins over top-10 Southeastern Conference opponents showed how good this team could be. But four losses and three ties in the final nine games killed whatever good things the Tiger season had in store.

MVPs: (ties) Kaysie Clark and Mackenzie Sauerwein. Maybe this is cheating, but hey, it’s my column. Midfielder Clark Read more of this post

Henning, Kan shine in Mizzou win over IUPUI

Photos by Karen Mitchell

Missouri's Molly Kreklow (1) makes a play at the night against IUPUI defenders. Kreklow finished with 41 assists in Friday's game.

Missouri’s Molly Kreklow (1) makes a play at the night against IUPUI defenders. Kreklow finished with 41 assists in Friday’s game.

It looked like Missouri was in for a long fight Friday night as the IUPUI Jaguars hung with the Tigers, losing by just three points in the first game. But Missouri came out strong in Read more of this post

Kreklows, 3 others earn SEC conference volleyball awards

Molly Kreklow and Lisa Henning show off the volleyball team's SEC championship trophy Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013, at the Missouri football game.

Molly Kreklow, left, and Lisa Henning show off the volleyball team’s SEC championship trophy Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013, at the Missouri football game. Both players have been named to the All- SEC team. Photo by Karen Mitchell.

Senior Molly Kreklow was named Southeastern Conference player of the year it was announced today by the conference. Carly Kan was selected as freshman of the year. and coach Wayne Kreklow — Molly Kreklow’s uncle — was named coach of the year.

Molly Kreklow finished the regular season with a nation’s best 12.65 assists per set and helped lead Mizzou to its first SEC title. Kreklow guided a Tiger offense that ranks first in the nation in hitting (.362), kills per set (15.30) and assists Read more of this post

Mizzou’s RPI hurt them in the rankings but was good for young team

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Darren Hellwege, Sports Commentator

In a few short hours the undefeated Missouri volleyball team will learn its fate in the 2013 NCAA Women’s Volleyball Tournament. Tiger fans can join the team at a watch party at the Clinton Club inside the Mizzou Arena starting at 7:30.

While in theory anything can happen the Tigers, ranked No. 5 in the latest RPI, are almost certain to host the early round games in Columbia December 5-7. Missouri Associate Athletic Director Sarah Reesman told me that Missouri applied to host a regional some weeks ago, and that preparations have been complete for some time for Columbia to host a regional.

Some have questioned the Tigers RPI ranking of 5. While the top three teams, Texas, Penn State and Washington, make sense the No. 4 ranking of Florida may seem a head-scratcher. After all, Missouri not only has a better record Read more of this post

Henning, Kreklow exit Mizzou volleyball as winners

Missouri defeats Arkansas in straight games

Photos by Tim Nwachukwu and Karen Mitchell

Seniors Lisa Henning, left, and Molly Kreklow watch a video of their career highlights after Wednesday's game. The score on the board is from the third match against Arkansas.

Seniors Lisa Henning, left, and Molly Kreklow watch a video of their career highlights after Wednesday’s game. The score on the board is from the third match against Arkansas.


Friday night was the perfect end to a perfect season for the Tigers volleyball team.

Seniors Molly Kreklow and Lisa Henning led the No. 4 Missouri Tigers to another victory and completing the season a perfect 34-0.

Wednesday night the Tigers beat the Arkansas Razorbacks 3-0 (25-11, 25-16, 29-27) before an announced crowd of Read more of this post

Fair is fair — Pinkel’s call to pay players should extend to all

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Darren Hellwege, Sports Commentator

Earlier this week on his blog, coach Gary Pinkel endorsed paying college players. Since this is a pretty controversial topic and Pinkel’s not known as a loose cannon with his opinions, it was a little surprising and a gauge of how important this is to him. If you’re close enough to the athletic program to see how the athletes live day to day, this is an understandable position. He genuinely cares about the young men on his team, and the lack of money is a problem for some of them.

On the other hand, he made a very serious error in judgment in how he wants to see it done, one that calls into question the notion of fairness.

Pinkel said it’s fair to “give them additional money per semester or per quarter to help them and pay them back for all their sacrifices,” and he’s right. Yes, they do get a scholarship, in the case of most football players a full scholarship. Their tuition and books and room and food are provided for four years, and that’s not an inconsiderable expense at all. I have kids in college and know the amount of money we’re talking about can be major.

On the other hand, for athletes from families that aren’t well-to-do, it’s still a difficult situation. I’ve known guys who couldn’t afford to take a date out because of lack of money. And while the training table feeds them well, every college kid wants to be able to go to the movies or grab a pizza now and then. Where does that little extra come from?

For many college students, the answer is to go get a part-time job. For example, when I was in school, I was working part-time at a commercial radio station for some extra spending money, just like many work at a restaurant or grocery store. Varsity athletes can’t do that, and that’s probably a good thing. As we’re learning this week from the reports out of Oklahoma State, the old “we hired the big football star for a job at our car dealership” is a situation just asking for abuse.

So yes, absolutely, pay the athletes a small extra amount, not a huge salary but just walking around money that any 20-year-old needs. I agree whole-heartedly with Pinkel on this, and appreciate that he took this stand out of what I consider to be a genuine concern for his athletes.


Sadly, while we hear a lot about the “family” atmosphere within Missouri athletics, Pinkel chose to only support this assistance for male athlete — football and basketball players. That’s terribly wrong, and when he said “it’s only fair” about paying his players, it’s hypocritical to then do something as unfair as to only pay athletes in these big name sports.

It’s wrong for several reasons. Let’s hit the obvious one first—it’s illegal. It’s an obvious violation of Title IX to pay male athletes and not female athletes. Even if it wasn’t morally wrong, you just can’t do it. If they’re going to pay athletes, they’re going to have to do it for all the athletes.

The female athletes, and those men in other sports, put in just as much time as the football and basketball players, and face the same obstacles to getting a part time job as the football or basketball guys.

Pinkel raised the fact that these sports bring in millions of dollars. That shouldn’t have a thing to do with this. Turning a profit is not the purpose of the University of Missouri or the athletic program. There’s a place for “rewarding” athletes for “creating revenue,” and that’s the NFL and NBA. College isn’t about that at all, the theory of “it’s valuable if it makes money” does not belong in higher education.

The idea of “football and men’s basketball bring in all the loot” isn’t true across the board at all. In many schools the cost of a football program exceeds revenue. To make this work, every school has to pay the same amount to all players. If you think recruiting is a mess now, wait till you see what happens when there’s an open bidding war for the top 15-year-old wide receiver phenom in the nation. God save us.

Also, the amount of money being created by the sports of James Franklin and Phil Pressey isn’t greater than that of the sports of Kearston Peoples or David Bonuchi because James and Phil are much better at their sport. Mizzou spends a great deal more advertising and publicizing the “major sports,” and the media pays a great deal more attention to them. Every day in the newspaper, on the radio and TV, the superstars of football and men’s basketball are given the spotlight, while athletes who may be equally deserving in other sports don’t receive that advantage. That’s why most of you are scratching your heads and going “who’s that?” when I just mentioned the SEC Diver of the Year and member of the USA Diving Team (Bonuchi) and an All-American shot putter (Peoples).

Bonuchi has everything a college sports hero should have, were he in a sport we paid more attention to. He’s a three-time All-American and SEC Diver of the Year. He’s a hometown boy who attended Hickman High School, is on the USA Diving Team, made All-SEC academically, is the son of two Mizzou grads and has movie-idol good looks.  But because there aren’t ads running all day for the swim team and because the media isn’t talking about them constantly, he’s not a household name and his team isn’t a revenue producer. The same goes for Peoples, one of the top shot putters in the nation.

It’s certainly through no fault of their own that their sports aren’t money makers, and that shouldn’t be the standard upon which we choose who is and isn’t worthy.  Even the biggest names, like Chelsea Thomas or Molly Kreklow, aren’t known off campus the way Gary Pinkel’s and Frank Haith’s Tigers are, but that’s not really what ought to matter.

But if the University of Missouri is going to pay extra so Tiger athletes can have a little less hardship from being part of varsity sports, Kearston, David, Chelsea and Molly are just as deserving as Dorial, James, and Phil.

Pay them? Absolutely.

But pay them all.

Darren Hellwege is a member of Football Writers Association of America and United States Basketball Writers Association