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Big 12 doesn’t need Brigham Young’s discriminatory policies

darren hellwege logoConference realignment is back in the news. There’s a significant chance the Big 12 could lose Texas A&M, which I’d regret. But, I’m not going to get too far ahead of that, I’ll not opine on how Mizzou basketball might match up with Florida and Kentucky, lament losing a national champ in women’s basketball (and that team’s leader, Gary Blair, one of my favorite coaches)  or even dream aloud of road trips to Berkeley and Seattle.

But there appears to be a pretty good chance of something happening that has me deeply concerned, concerned enough that I’ll comment on it while it is just a “maybe,” in the fond hope that the powers that be at MU and in the Big 12 will avoid making what I fear will be a big error.

If Texas A&M leaves and Oklahoma stays and the Big 12 is saved, the conference will need to add a team to replace the Aggies. I’m hearing an awful lot of people say that the leading candidate is Brigham Young University. This has me very deeply worried, and it’s my hope that the conference will not make this choice.

This has nothing at all to do with athletics. BYU has had fine programs, an outstanding football and men’s basketball teams. I know these two sports drive the bus.

But there’s a lot more to these conferences than football teams. Read more of this post