Anderson has a strong start with his first media day

By Tim Leible, KBIA Sports 

Kim Anderson may be new to coaching at the University of Missouri, but he can
handle the media like a veteran.

Anderson walked confidently into his first media day as Missouri’s head men’s
basketball coach and didn’t miss a beat. He joked with reporters and never seemed
to be caught off guard.

After filling media members in about the team’s current health situation, he talked
about the upcoming exhibition game against William Jewell. He gave some fun
insight into the choice to invite William Jewell to play.


Anderson stressed that he is looking forward to the matchup in order to see where
he is as a coach and where the team is as a whole.


One of the other great details about this matchup is that it will be played in the
Hearnes Center, the same arena that Anderson played on for the Tigers in the mid-
70s. Anderson said that he is looking forward to coming back to the Hearnes Center
for his first game as the head coach at Missouri.


In preparation to play in his old stomping grounds, he brought in his former coach,
Norm Stewart, to watch practice and speak with the team. Stewart being on the
sidelines was beneficial to both Anderson and the team.


The idea that more work needs to be done by this Missouri team was not just voiced
by Stewart. Anderson said his team can be good, but stressed that they still have a
lot of work to do.


Anderson admitted that emotions do come into play as he comes back to the
University of Missouri, especially because his team will play its first game in the
Hearnes Center, but he said he can’t let his emotions get the best of him.


In the end, Anderson handled himself well. If the pressure of coming back to coach at his alma mater is getting to him, he’s doing a solid job of making sure it doesn’t show.


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