Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel extends his contract, including an incentives package

By Mary Kate Burgess

Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel had his contract extended after transforming his first season record in the SEC from 5-7 with no bowl appearance to a 12-2 record in the second season, making it to the SEC Championship game and winning the Cotton Bowl.

Pinkel’s contract extension guarantees him as Missouri’s football coach through 2020 and gives his salary a bump up to $3.1 million.

Along with the guaranteed $3.1 million salary, Pinkel can earn up to $1,825,000 in incentives.

Gary Pinkel Contract Incentives

Pinkel’s incentives package contains two academic categories — one used to gauge the players’ performance in school and one to account for what the team does for the community.

The Academic/Social-Core bonus is for the goals that athletic director Mike Alden and Pinkel have set for the athletes at the beginning of the year. This includes GPA, Academic Progress Rate and graduation success rate. If Pinkel meets these requirements at the end of the season, he will get a $250,000 bonus. The other category, Academic/Social-Aspirational, are goals set by Alden and Pinkel for academic achievements of the players, such as awards and helping out the community of Columbia. If those aspirational goals have been met by the end of the season, Pinkel will receive a bonus of $100,000.

These goals are set so that these athletes are performing well in school and staying in good standing with the university. Not every athlete is going to play for the NFL. Pinkel’s job as coach is to make sure all of his athletes are winning in the classroom, as well as on the field.

Another incentive category is for the SEC Division. Pinkel will get a $50,000 bonus if the Tigers are tied for the SEC East division with the other team winning in the head-to-head matchup. For a larger bonus of $100,000, Pinkel’s Tigers have to be tied for the SEC East division, win the head-to-head matchup and go to the SEC Championship game. Winning the SEC Championship gives Pinkel a $200,000 bonus.

Pinkel also gets a bonus with ticket sales. If the school makes $15 million in ticket receipts, he receives a $150,000 bonus; should ticket receipts exceed $15 million, Pinkel will get an amount equal to 1 percent of the ticket receipts.

Bowl game incentives will go to Pinkel if he gets the Tigers to a certain game. Even if Missouri loses, Pinkel would still get the incentive. An extra incentive for winning would only be paid if the Tigers won the National Championship.


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