Poor weather shortens Mizzou softball season

By Karl Roskamp

If you look at the Southeastern Conference softball standings, No. 11 Missouri is last in one major category.

The Tigers have played the fewest games this season by a large margin.  Missouri has played 40 games so far while conference foe Ole Miss has played the most games with 56.

“This season has been something completely out of the norm for us, and unfortunately something we could not control,” coach Ehren Earleywine said Thursday in a statement released by the Missouri Athletic Department.

Missouri has cancelled 14 games already this season, but hat they lose in terms of in-game experience, they’ve gained in valuable time practicing.

“We have scrimmaged against ourselves more than any other season, which is certainly not a bad thing,” Earleywine said.

The inclement weather is not expected to let up any time soon.  For Missouri’s series this weekend against No. 4 Tennessee,the national weather service rain on all three days.  According to Patrick Crawford, the team’s Assistant Director of Strategic Communications, if the games get rained out, they won’t be rescheduled.

“There would be no chance for makeup, nor would the SEC reschedule the games in any other circumstance,” Crawford said.  “Additional games across the conference have gone un-rescheduled, as well.”

Earleywine says at least the unpredictable weather has made for a compelling season.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever had as much drama as I’ve had this year between the weather and our pitching situation and trying to figure who we are as a team,” Earleywine said.


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