Mizzou wrestlers successful in second round of championship matches

Four of Missouri’s 10 wrestlers won Thursday night to remain in the championship bracket of the NCAA DI Wrestling Championships at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa.

The six other wrestlers remain in the tournament but have moved down to the consolation bracket.

Penn State continues to hold onto the lead in team scoring with 32.5 points. Missouri is tied for sixth place with 14.5 points.

The third session of matches, scheduled for Friday morning. Semi finals are scheduled for Friday night with the finals scheduled for Saturday night.

Attendance for the two sessions was 32,262.

These are the results from Friday night and who the wrestlers face in Round 3:

Championship Round

No. 1 seed Alan Waters (31-0) won by 4-2 decision over Sean Boyle (Michigan, 23-11)
• Faces Matthew Snyder (Virginia, 22-7) who won by 10-6 decision over Trent Sprenkle (North Dakota St., 29-5)

Nathan McCormick (32-4) won by 11-1 major decision over Dane Harlowe (Boston U., 10-6)
• Faces Tyler Graff (Wisconsin, 30-4) who won by 3-0 decision over Randy Cruz (Lehigh, 32-11)

Drake Houdashelt (30-9) won by 5-2 decision over Dylan Ness (Minnesota, 15-5)
• Faces Kevin Tao (American, 26-13) who won by 9-3 decision over Raymond Borja (Navy, 23-8)

Dominque Bradley (37-1) won by 4-2 decision over Matthew Gibson (Iowa St., 19-10)
• Faces Zac Thomusseit (Pittsburgh, 25-2) who won by 6-0 decision over Mike McClure (Michigan St., 32-6)

Consolation round

Nicholas Hucke (14-14) won by 6-1 decision over Dean Pavlou (Chattanooga, 25-14)
• Faces Luke Vaith (Hofstra, 22-13) who lost by 13-2 major decision to Mitchell Port (Edinboro, 32-3)

Kyle Bradley (27-14) lost by 4-0 decision to David Bonin (Northern Iowa, 28-7)
• Faces Daniel Zilverberg (Minnesota, 17-13) who won by 7-1 decision over Joseph Napoli (Lehigh, 18-4)

Zach Toal (23-17) lost by 7-0 decision to Peter Yates (Virginia Tech, 32-1)
• Faces Pierce Harger (Northwestern, 26-9) who won by 6-5 decision over Johnny Greisheimer (Edinboro, 19-16)

Todd Porter (32-11) won by 8-1 decision over Billy Curling (Old Dominion, 20-12)
• Faces Chris Perry (Oklahoma St., 32-2) who won by 4-0 decision over Jonathan Fausey (Virginia, 30-9)

Mike Larson (28-11) lost by 2-0 decision to Ryan Loder (Northern Iowa, 32-4)
• Faces Boaz Beard (Iowa St., 16-8) who won by 9-0 major decision over Nick Vetterlein (Virginia Tech, 17-14)

Brent Haynes (32-9) won by 9-4 decision over Maxwell Huntley (Michigan, 17-16)
• Faces Kyven Gadson (Iowa St., 24-3) who lost by 8-7 decision to Blake Rosholt (Oklahoma St., 15-7)


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