Texas A&M Hits Four Home Runs, Defeats Mizzou

By Karl Roskamp

Texas A&M's Nicole Morgan celebrates the grand slam with her teammates as part of an eight-run sixth inning.

Texas A&M’s Nicole Morgan celebrates the grand slam with her teammates as part of an eight-run sixth inning.

Nicole Morgan and Mel Dumezich hit back-to-back home runs in the sixth inning to
give No. 7 Texas A&M an 11-3 victory over No. 5 Missouri on Saturday.

The Aggies were the first team to score multiple runs off Missouri pitcher, Chelsea Thomas, scoring five before she was
pulled. Texas A&M also managed seven hits and drew three walks.

“Around the fourth or fifth inning it looks like she lost some velocity in conjunction with that they’re a very good
hitting team,” coach Ehren Earleywine said. “It was just a freak thing. She didn’t have it.”

Thomas’ replacement Nicole Hudson couldn’t stop the
bleeding. She gave up six earned runs in one inning,
including a grand slam to Morgan and solo home run from Dumezich.
Right fielder Cali Lanphear added to the inning with her second
home run of the game. Hudson’s ERA ballooned from 1.40 to
6.18 in a matter of minutes. “(Hudson) left some balls over the
plate that she didn’t want to,” catcher Jenna Marston said. “She
had a tough outing,” Earleywine said. “The key for Nicole is her
drop ball, but if you watched her pitch in her inning, there was no
pitch around the knees. They were all waist high.” “She got
away with that the first 10 games because we were playing mid-major
competition and we’re in the SEC.” Kelsea Roth was one of the few
bright spots for Missouri. She followed up yesterday’s walk
off homerun with a solo home run today, her seventh of the season.
Missouri will face Texas A&M on Sunday at noon at
University Field. The Supervising Editor on this story
was Megan Rentschler


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