Mizzou’s T.J. Moe hoping to show something special at NFL Combine

By Matthew Fairburn

Wide receiver T.J. Moe.

Wide receiver T.J. Moe.

INDIANAPOLIS — Former Missouri wide receiver T.J. Moe arrived on Thursday in Indianapolis for the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine. The combine is a chance for potential draft picks to be seen by NFL coaches and personnel officials.

After a decorated career with the Tigers, Moe is hoping to prove he has something to offer to NFL teams.

Moe met the media on Friday before starting his workouts on Saturday. He said he is scheduled to interview with NFL teams throughout the weekend before hitting the field on Sunday to perform positional drills.

Though Moe’s most productive season came when he was a sophomore, he said he benefited from catching passes from both Blaine Gabbert and James Franklin. He also thinks he improved every year at Missouri, despite his drop-off in production.

Moe knows he’s not the most physically gifted wideout in this draft class, but he thinks there is a spot for him in the NFL and is trying to stay humble throughout the process.

Length: 2:56.

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