Mizzou’s McCormick follows family’s footsteps

By Peter Terpstra

Walk into the Hearnes Center for a Missouri wrestling dual and you will likely hear one voice above the rest. It’s a bit high pitched and if you don’t understand wrestling, you probably won’t know what he’s talking about.

His name is Tyler McCormick. He’s a former two-time All-American wrestler for the Missouri Tigers and he’s at every competition to cheer, or coach to use a more accurate word, his younger brother Nathan McCormick.

For many wrestlers, the sport just runs in the family. For Nathan McCormick, being great at the sport is part of the family.

Missouri’s 133-pound starter checks in as the No.5 wrestler in the nation. It’s his senior season and his last chance at landing on the podium in March — something he has yet to accomplish. But he’s familiar with success both on and off the mat.

Nathan is the third McCormick brother to start for the Tigers. His older brothers, Chris McCormick and Tyler, both started for four years at Missouri.

KBIA’s Peter Terpstra shows the story of Nathan McCormick and how he doesn’t see his brothers success as pressure, but as a path set for him that he plans to follow.

The Supervising Editor for this story was Megan Rentschler  

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