2012 changes to Memorial Stadium and Faurot Field

by Kelsey Alumbaugh

Many changes are in store for Memorial Stadium and Faurot Field before the 2012 football season begins and Missouri joins the Southeastern Conference. University of Missouri athletic director Mike Alden made the announcement in February detailing the changes. Prices for students, faculty and staff will not change but ticket prices for Tiger Scholarship Fund seating will increase. As a result, Mizzou’s ticket prices will be in the middle range of the SEC. “We want to be reasonably-priced, yet also getting maximum value out of our ticket prices. Pricing tickets is just like the pricing of any commodity or service, you have a lot of factors involved in your price points – don’t want to be too high, don’t want to be too low,” said football spokesperson Chad Moller. “Being in the middle of the SEC is a reasonable spot, we believe, as our on-field product in football has been very successful.” The “grandfathering” of season tickets will also be phased out in the coming years. During the 2012 season, season ticket holders who have been grandfathered in will not have to pay the minimum donation. In 2013, they will have to pay 50 percent of the minimum, and in 2014 they will have to pay 100 percent.
• Visitor seating will be increased from approximately 3,800 seats to approximately 6,000 seats.
• The band will be moving from behind the south end zone to the south corner of the student section.
• The tiger logo in the middle of the field will be larger.
• The end zone art will also change from “MISSOURI” to “MIZZOU”.
• Two SEC logos will be added on the field to reflect the conference change.

The image below is speculative. The actual diagram will not be released until April 14 at the spring football game.


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