Second session results from the NCAA wrestling tournament

by Kelsey Alumbaugh

Nicholas Hucke jumps to avoid a take down by Tanner Hough in their 141 pound consolation bracket match at the NCAA tournament in St. Louis, Mo., on Thursday, March 15, 2012. Hucke defeated Hough 7-3.

The second session of the NCAA wrestling tournament hosted 18, 695 people in the audience. Brent Haynes is the only Tiger to remain in the championship bracket. Haynes won 6-0 over Micah Burak from Pennsylvania.

In the piggyback rounds of the consolation bracket Kyle Bradley defeated Matthew Nereim from North Carolina State to move into the first round of consolation matches. Zach Toal lost to Mark Lewandowski from Buffalo and is now out of the tournament.

After a scoreless first two periods, No. 3 Alan Waters lost to Anthony Zanetta from Pittsburg 4-2 in overtime. Dorian Henderson was pinned by No. 1 Edward Ruth in the first period.

In the consolation bracket Nathan McCormick, Nicholas Hucke, Bradley and Mike Larson are still in the tournament. McCormick won 5-0 over Jordan Keller from Oklahoma. Hucke defeated Tanner Hough 7-3. Bradley beat Christopher Villalonga from Cornell 4-2. Larson pinned Kevin Radford from Arizona State in the third period.

Drake Houdashelt lost to Corey Mock 5-2 and Devon Mellon lost to Kevin Lester and they are now both out of the tournament.

Next match-ups:

  • 125: No. 3 Alan Waters vs. Garrett Fray (PRIN)
  • 133: Nathan McCormick vs. Shelton Mack (PITT)
  • 141: Nicholas Hucke vs. Justin LaValle (ODU)
  • 149: Kyle Bradley vs. Bryce Busler (BLOOM)
  • 174: Dorian Henderson vs. Greg Zanetti (RUTG)
  • 184: Mike Larson vs. Ben Clymer (HOFS)
  • 197: No. 6 Brent Haynes vs. No. 3 Matthew Wilps (PITT)—Championship round
  • Missouri has 13.5 points and is tied at 18th with Oregon State

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