Mizzou baseball drops home opener against Ball State, 5-2

Cold weather, cold bats spoil first game of weekend series

By Gary Cotton
The Missouri Tigers home season opener had the feeling of a late season football game. Blanket-wrapped fans weathered the 38-degree temperature in hopes of cheering their team to victory.

But they didn’t have much to cheer for.

Missouri (2-5) wasn’t able to recover from some bunched runs by the Cardinals in the second and sixth innings, dropping their home opener 5-2. Coach Tim Jamieson said the game could have and should have been a worse loss.

“They out-pitched us, they out-defended us, they out-hustled us, and they out-hit us. It’s amazing the game was as close as it was,” Jamieson said.

He said selfishness cost his team its home opener. “Instead of worrying about playing defense, they’re worried about the bat they just had. They need to do what they’re supposed to do and not worry about results.”

Jamieson gave some credit to the Cardinal’s solid pitching as their starting pitcher stifled the Tigers in every inning. Ball State pitcher Cal Bowling threw a complete game, giving up only five hits. The only runs for Missouri came from a two-run triple from freshman Landon Lucansky.

Jamieson wasn’t sold on his starting pitcher’s performance. Junior Eric Anderson gave up all five runs in six innings of work.

“He pitched well enough for us to win, but that was far from being the outing we’re going to need from him, particularly going into the Big 12 — he was up in the zone a lot,” Jamieson said. “But being the competitor he is, he was able to keep the game under control.”

Senior infielder Connor Mach said he thinks the Tigers will be able to keep the entire series under control. He added that Missouri’s fourth consecutive loss doesn’t mean the team is in panic mode.

“It’ll click sooner or later, we’re going to start swinging it,” said Mach. “It’s just more of an approach thing now. All the swings are fine, it’s about an aggressive mentality”

Senior infielder Ben Turner said the team isn’t too far off track from previous years. “We went through the same thing last year, we should know how to respond to it and I think we’ll be better for it in the future.”

Missouri will face the Cardinals again tomorrow at 2 p.m.


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