Low attendance has little impact on Mizzou women’s basketball recruiting

By Derek Klein and Lauren Delany

(Photo by Lauren Delaney)

The Missouri women’s basketball team has the lowest attendance in the Big 12. As a result, coach Robin Pingeton has altered her recruiting pitch to highlight the strengths of her program in hopes of building a team. In the photo, a small crowd watches as Missouri’s Sydney Crafton drives around Iowa State’s Hallie Christofferson at Mizzou Arena on Feb. 8, 2012. More than 85 percent of the arena seats are empty at women’s home games, averaging 1,766 people per game.

Attendance in Big 12 arenasWhen it comes to getting butts in the seats for women’s basketball games, the Big 12 is among the best. In 2011, six of the top 20 teams based on attendance were members of the Big 12. Missouri was one of only four teams in the conference outside of the top 50. The four venues below belong to four Big 12 teams: Baylor and Iowa State (top of the attendance charts); and Missouri and Kansas (bottom of the charts.) The pictures illustrate how many sections are actually filled at the teams’ games based upon their average attendance. The figures are based upon the current season. Numbers are up to date as of Friday, Feb. 10, 2012.

University Season Average Attendance Percent of Venue Filled Conference record
Iowa State 9,789 68% 5-7
Baylor 8,244 80% 12-0
Texas Tech 7,708 57% 5-7
Oklahoma 6,865 51% 8-4
Texas A&M 6,143 49% 8-4
Kansas State 4,013 33% 7-5
Texas 3,944 32% 4-8
Oklahoma State 2,570 19% 5-7
Kansas 2,203 14% 6-6
Missouri 1,766 12% 0-12

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