VIDEO: Haith knows what the fans are saying, and loves it. Can you get to know the coach in six clips or less?

MU announced the hiring of Frank Haith in a press conference Tuesday morning at Mizzou Arena.

MU officially introduced Frank Haith as their head basketball coach in a press conference this morning at Mizzou Arena. We have divided up the conference into six key clips for our readers; can you get to know Coach Haith in six videos or less?

Before we dive headlong into the must-know information for Missouri fans, let Haith remove the giant elephant from the room.

Alden told Haith the fans would love him; Haith called Alden out. Believe it or not, the coach said he loved the passion evident in the less-than-positive response to his hiring. The new coach even managed to pull a few literal knee-slaps out of the journalists, fans, and figureheads of MU and Mizzou Athletics in attendance.

The Basketball Family: Frank Haith explained his familial approach to coaching. Haith seemed to attempt to connect with fans on the Mike Anderson front, discussing the hardship of leaving his Miami team behind, and connecting with the Mizzou team this morning after their former head coach had a similar conversation with them.

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit: Haith believes in Missouri’s ability to recruit close to home as well as recruit across the nation. Might there be another nod to former coach Mike Anderson?

Students first, basketball players second: Haith says, “you don’t go to school to play basketball. You go to school, and play basketball.” Haith’s statements left no room for misunderstanding on where his priorities lie as both a coach and a role model.

Mizzou, “will play a winning style.”: Haith addresses question to which everyone wants an answer–how will Mizzou basketball look when they hit the floor in 2011? Haith had encouraging news for Mizzou fans nervous about a drastically different style of play with players who do not quite fit the system.

To get the “W,” Mizzou needs “D”: Did Mike Anderson take the defensive philosophy with him to Arkansas?


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