English, Bowers declare for 2011 NBA Draft. Denmon next?

Laurence Bowers and Kim English declared for the NBA Draft, MU announced Monday. (Photo by Nick Gerhardt)

Update, 4/5/11, 11:13 PM: English said after head coach Frank Haith’s introductory press conference that he plans to return to Mizzou next season, even with his draft declaration.

Denmon confirmed he is “deciding” whether or not to declare for the draft,but says his tweet had nothing to do with it.

Update, 4/4/11, 1:53 PM: Mizzou’s strongest player from 2010-2011, Marcus Denmon tweets, “Decisiions [sic] decisions.”

Update, 4/4/11, 12:29 PM: English and Laurence Bowers have declared for the NBA Draft


In a decision reportedly made before the prospective hiring of Frank Haith, junior Mizzou guard Kim English declared for the 2011 NBA Draft, according to Jeff Goodman of FOXSports.com. Laurence Bowers will also give the League a chance, according to a release from the school. Neither have hired an agent and can withdraw from the NBA Draft by May 8.

Keep in mind: just because English declared for the draft does not mean that he will be drafted, nor does it mean he will not return to school next year. Unless English signs with an agent, he retains eligibility if he decides to return to Mizzou to play next season.

Clichés aside, most consider this an attempt at “testing the waters.” 

“This is an opportunity I am looking forward to, to see where I stand as a basketball player,” English said.

“I have loved my experience at Missouri and I will make sure everything is in order for me to return if that’s the best decision for me and my family. This rule [allowing players to enter the draft and still be able to return to school] is in place for us, the player, so I want to take advantage of it and do what I can do to become a better all-around player.”

Bowers had a breakout season and could draw slightly more legitimate attention than English. After ascending to the Big 12 All-defensive team and blocking the second-most shots in the conference this season, Bowers finished his year with an improved, solid offensive game as well. He averaged almost 12 points per contest, notched double-digit rebounds and points in the same game three times,  and fell just one rebound shy of a double-double on three more occasions.

“I think for anyone who plays college basketball, having a chance to play in the NBA is a dream,” Laurence Bowers said. “I had a chance to talk with my family and other loved ones and this is something I want to do.”

English and Bowers declaration came less than 24 hours after a twitter explosion that launched a Missouri basketball coach into trending status again. Teammate Michael Dixon responded to the declaration news on his twitter this afternoon.

“I might as well put my name in the draft smh,” Dixon tweeted, using the acronym for “shaking my head.”

English, an avid twitter user under the handle EnglishScope24, has not responded to the draft buzz via tweet, instead opting to update his followers on his Monday morning workout at Mizzou Arena and the reminding fans of the success of Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik.

Video: English says all the right things after the departure of former head coach Mike Anderson before later revealing he may not return to Mizzou basketball next year.


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