Live tweets in review: Gary Pinkel’s Nov. 1 news conference

KBIA Sports Extra will have coverage of Mizzou Football media availability on the Monday prior to every regular season game. Follow along on Monday afternoons at @KBIASportsExtra for live updates of coach Gary Pinkel’s weekly news conference. Here is today’s collection of live tweets:

#Pinkel calls Tech defense “very, very multiple.” Exactly what Raiders wanted out of new 3-4 scheme.

#Pinkel complementary of Tech’s offensive scheme no matter which QB – Potts or Sheffield – plays on Saturday.

#Pinkel deflects questioning about whether or not Gabbert sustained a concussion. Says he had a great day of practice yesterday.

#Pinkel on NU: “They came out and played exceptionally well. They were on fire. You give them credit for that.”

#Pinkel pleased with DT trio of Jimmy Burge, Brendan Donaldson and Marvin Foster in a “very tough place to play.”

#Pinkel still very pleased with the competition at tailback. Notes freshman Josey specifically for being older than his years.

#Pinkel: “The touchdown run was very well-designed… because it worked.”

#Pinkel: “Three weeks in a row, we’ve had it inside the 5 and haven’t scored [a touchdown]”

#Pinkel says the freshmen were probably curious to see how the coaching staff handles itself after a loss.



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