Gamblers give vote of confidence to Missouri

Faurot crowd

Good news for Missouri fans: Oklahoma has gone from six-point favorites to three-point favorites, indicating that gamblers are leaning heavily in favor of Missouri. (Photo by Nick Gerhardt)

Most of the local and national media won’t make predictions for Missouri/Oklahoma until later in the week, but while the college football illuminati waits, one segment of college football viewers have voiced their opinions in favor of the Tigers:


Missouri, ranked No. 11 in the first set of BCS rankings released last night, opened as six-point underdogs to top-ranked Oklahoma in their nationally-televised showdown next Saturday night. However, in the the 24 hours since the Las Vegas Sports Commission opened the line at Oklahoma -6.0, the line has dropped to Oklahoma by 3.0 or 3.5, depending on the service.

The drop in the line indicates that a large percentage of early gamblers expect Mizzou to either win outright or at least lose by a margin less than six points. It’s by no means an exact science, but it’s a vote of confidence in the Tigers as their huge Big 12 tilt awaits.


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